Redshirting Boys for Kindergarten

My girls were both born in the fall.  Once our oldest approached school age, we learned that the state of Arizona cut-off for entry to kindergarten was August 31.  We were disappointed because we felt she was ready for school socially and academically.  After exploring many alternative options, we enrolled her in a pre-kindergarten program.  When she actually started kindergarten, we noticed that she... read more

Do Dental X-Rays Cause Cancer?

There have been many questions regarding a recent study published in the journal Cancer linking dental x-rays and meningioma.   This study was quickly spread to the media and subsequently sensationalized.  Because nobody wants brain cancer and many visit the dentist regularly, people began to get nervous.  Hopefully, this will answer some questions and put your mind at ease. First of all, what is... read more

The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge: Swimming

  I have to start this fitness adventure with a disclaimer – I used to be a swimmer.   My parents started me on city rec teams when I was 4 or 5 and I swam on and off through high school.  I went to a couple college practices and decided I was done with the sport.  I didn’t really get into the pool again until this year.  I was swimming twice a week with the Master’s team at the Phoenix... read more

Do You Believe in Karma

  I’ve had some particularly bad luck lately.  In my grumblings of life being unfair, my friends frequently refer to karma.  The theory is that because I try to do the right thing for people, things will turn out well for me.  I was raised to have my ethics guide me to do the right thing regardless of whether I will reap reward later in life.  But for those whose ethics don’t line up with... read more

Do You Allow Your Children to Make Medical Decisions?

  I had a 14 year old boy come in for an initial consultation.  At his regular dental appointment, his general dentist took an x-ray and noticed that his upper permanent canines seemed to be stuck and recommended he see an orthodontist.  He was very upset about the notion of having braces placed right before he was going to start high school.  In an attempt to calm her son down, his mother assured... read more

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