The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge

I’m just a normal mom.  I find it really hard to juggle work, kids and my personal health.  Some days I don’t even get the chance to shower, let alone get a good workout.  Being busy is something that has always defined my life.  I was involved in sports in high school and stayed active in college.  Things went downhill when I started dental school.  The academic load, the research combined with... read more

What Do You Think? Am I Mom Enough?

Very few decisions made are more important than how you are going to raise your child.  Women spend most of their pregnancy taking exceptional care of themselves, so they can have a healthy baby.  Before the child enters the world, parents begin to discuss how this new addition will be raised.  “Expert opinions” are consulted.  When the baby is born, a plan is in place.  This plan may change with... read more

Cinco de Mayo – My Life Changing Day

Five years ago, my life changed dramatically on Cinco de Mayo and I didn’t even know it.  I was happily practicing orthodontics with my husband in the office we opened together.  We were totally oblivious to what just happened on a go-cart track in San Diego.  A man died.  He was someone we met a couple times, but did not know.  The phone rang to let us know of his untimely passing.  We were... read more

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