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As a celebration of my partnership with, we are giving away a $50 gift card!  All you need to do is subscribe to my posts, like on facebook or follow @mommyddscom on Twitter.  Your name will be entered once for each thing you do.  By sharing this link on your Facebook, you will be entered again.  Encourage others to follow!  Also check out the products I... read more

To Fluoridate or Not To Fluoridate – Is There A Question?

  Today was a pretty slow day at the office, so I spent a lot of time surfing the net.  I pulled up the local newspaper’s site and noticed that the Phoenix city council has decided to take up the issue of water fluoridation – and I was worried I wouldn’t have enough to blog about this week. OK, the Libertarian tendencies in me say the government shouldn’t be messing with our water.  But,... read more

The Agony and Ecstasy of Family Pictures

My mom loved getting family pictures.  I’m not really sure how often we had them done, but it felt like we were getting them all the time.  And on these frequent visits to the photographer, we all had to wear matching outfits.  Shopping for the correct attire was always a big ordeal as we had to find something the girls could wear and then find the corresponding outfits for the boys.  If you browse... read more

Warning Against Teething Gels for Babies

Your child is screaming and there is drool everywhere.  You pick up your baby and what do you see?  There are little white buds trying to emerge into the mouth.  There it is – she’s teething.  This event is usually welcomed with a combination of joy and dread.  Your baby is growing up, but she’s going to be miserable for the next week or so.  It also means those sleepless nights might be... read more

The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge: The Truth About Swimming Workouts

  One really common misconception about swimming is that you just swim laps for an hour and then you are done.  I can’t even tell you how many people have asked me, “How many laps did you swim?”  Usually swimmers know how many yards or meters they do per workout, but most of the time they don’t bother to do the math to calculate the actual amount of laps.  I tend to try to survive the... read more

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