Sharing the Pain of Miscarriage

Next month will mark the ten year anniversary of losing my first pregnancy.  I was only 6-8 weeks along, but it forever changed me.  People say that a large percentage of women have this experience, but nobody really talks about it.  What makes us suffer in silence?  Is it shame?  Or, is the subject just too uncomfortable to confront? It took me a couple of years, but I made a conscious decision to... read more

My Swim Meet

  After months of training, I needed to face the true test of my swimming fitness – a swim meet.  Of course my timing wasn’t quite right as the first meet available was the Arizona Masters State Championship, but there were no qualifying times so I grabbed an entry sheet.  This was a pretty nerve racking experience for me.  I was even nervous picking out my events.  I’m lucky to have a... read more

My Child Sucks His Thumb – What Should I Do?

  Grace was a very difficult newborn.  For the first six weeks of her life she screamed all night, every night.  We were so sleep deprived and desperate, we would have tried anything.  Eventually, she started to sleep and we achieved a routine and some normalcy in the house.  Shortly thereafter, we started her in daycare and she had a difficult time adjusting.  Her daycare provider mentioned to... read more

It’s Hard to Be a Swim Mom

My daughter is a swimmer, so does that make me a swim mom?  I have pretty conflicted feelings about that label.  While some mother’s embrace it, you won’t catch me wearing a blinged out shirt with swim mom displayed on my chest.  The recent Proctor and Gamble commercial playing for the Olympics has made me reflective of my role in my daughters swimming.  Will she win the big race and run over to me... read more

Skincare in Your 30s – A Complicated Process

My skin and I have had a pretty complicated relationship over the years.  In my early teens, I considered myself one of the lucky ones when it came to my complexion.  I had some pimples, but they were manageable with the over the counter stuff I could get at the drugstore.  I hit full blown acne a couple years later and my mother finally felt compelled to take me to the dermatologist.  I was placed on... read more