7 Simple Ways to Become a Thoughtful Person

I’ve always been in awe of thoughtful people.  We all know those people that remember important milestones in your life or give you a meaningful gift for no reason.  They hold a special place in my heart and those little things can mean so much.  I just assumed this was some sort of intrinsic characteristic people possess, but the other day it occurred to me that you can plan to be thoughtful. ... read more

Hey Dr. Oz – You’re Annoying Me!

  Thyroid problems are becoming more and more prevalent these days.  With that in mind, Dr. Oz decided he was going to address this issue in a show that aired a while back.  My husband and I had the program on in the background, but it immediately grabbed our attention when the subject of dentistry was brought into the discussion.  He mentioned was that you need to wear a thyroid collar when having... read more