What Does the Wedding Say About the Marriage?

    After 11 years of marriage, I don’t really think about my wedding all that much.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful, meaningful and special day.  To be honest, it was pretty much the opposite of what I had imagined as a child and a young adult.  I always dreamed of the church wedding with a large, formal reception in a beautiful venue in Phoenix.  The event I just described could... read more

How to Select an Orthodontist – Stuff That Doesn’t Matter

  When discussing orthodontics with friends and family across the country, it’s always interesting to hear the reasons why they chose a particular orthodontist.  I was surprised to discover that many of the reasons had nothing to do with the quality of treatment they were receiving.  So I decided to compile the most popular responses and give my analysis on why I think those things shouldn’t... read more

How to Select an Orthodontist – Stuff That Matters

Not all of my friends and family reside in Arizona and so I am often approached with the question, “How do I choose an orthodontist?”  There is no simple answer.  There are so many factors that need to come into consideration when you are selecting an orthodontist for you or your child.  There are also some miscellaneous things that shouldn’t matter, but sometimes are a deciding factor for... read more

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

I grew up with the impression that I could have it all – a career, kids, marriage and a smoothly running household.  It was the 80s and women were still fighting for equality, especially in the workplace.  It’s a battle we continue to struggle with today.  Back then, we were trying to prove that we could have those high powered corporate jobs and that having a family wouldn’t “hold us back”. ... read more