Try Not to Fast Pass Through Life

Most parents admit that the yearly birthday party for kids can be a real hassle.  I see the value in making your child feel important, but these parties get to be pretty expensive and overwhelming year after year.  Maybe I’m just mean or my kids are just really spoiled, but they don’t need a huge party.  Plus, they just don’t need tons of presents.  Our house is already full of toys and... read more

Why I Love to Swim

  As an Arizona native, a great deal of my formative years were spent in the pool.  My early photo albums have multiple pages devoted to me in the water sans any swimsuit or diaper, where I am splashing, floating and having a good time.  Competitive swimming started on city summer swim teams when I was 4 or 5 years old and progressively became more serious until I entered college.  With all those... read more