You are Probably Working Too Much

Matt and I opened our first office from scratch in 2006.  Our dream was to work together in a single location, two doctor practice in my hometown.  We built out a 4500 square foot office with room for 8 chairs (3 of which we had installed).  It was twice the size of our home.  Reflecting back, I can honestly tell you that we were very naïve about many things.  One of my biggest misconceptions was... read more

What Are Your Fears?

I recently attended a women’s business conference and we spent about an hour on the topic of fear.  The take away message was –  just do it, even if you are afraid.  After a few days, I began to think more and more about fear.  Specifically reflecting on what I was afraid of when it comes to my practice.  As I pondered this question, I realized there was quite a bit.  There isn’t enough... read more

Believe in Your Fees

We took a last minute trip to Knotts Berry Farm for my son’s birthday a few weekends ago.  He was finally tall enough (barely) to ride all the rollercoasters in the park.  Because this was a birthday celebration, we wanted to make it memorable and special for him.  We were having a great time with all the thrill rides and my son felt really grown up.  Too busy to stop for a real lunch, we decided to... read more

You might want to unsubscribe

This blog will become active again and you may want to unsubscribe because the content is going to be completely different.  Please contact me with any questions. Share this:ShareTwitterFacebookEmailGoogle +1 read more