Avoid this Mistake

I recently had a conversation with a new grad about her current job situation.  She was incredibly unhappy and even though she was trying, it was just not working out.  When we were discussing the details of her contract, I was stunned at the things she agreed to.  Not only was the daily rate ridiculously low, every provision was written heavily in favor of the employer.  I asked her why she would sign... read more

Something Important Before You Sign that Contract

Disclaimer:  I’m not a lawyer or accountant, so please contact your specialists for any clarification on this topic.   I talk with Docs all the time.  Now that I’ve started this group, I am in contact with all kinds of people in different stages of their careers and it’s really fun.  When I look in the mirror, the not so flawless face reflecting back at me represents someone in the middle. ... read more