Avoid this Mistake

I recently had a conversation with a new grad about her current job situation.  She was incredibly unhappy and even though she was trying, it was just not working out.  When we were discussing the details of her contract, I was stunned at the things she agreed to.  Not only was the daily rate ridiculously low, every provision was written heavily in favor of the employer.  I asked her why she would sign such a document and her answer was that she was desperate and there were no other job opportunities available.

That statement brought me back to my last year of residency.  I graduated in a much better job market than today, but I remember that feeling when there was only one job available in the area I was looking.  That feeling was desperation.  Just as the resident I mentioned above, I let desperation make all my decisions.  When my gut told me not to continue negotiations with this particular doc, desperation told me I had no other options.  When my husband asked me if we should hire an attorney to review the paperwork, desperation lashed out at him.  Desperation is the enemy.  Desperation does not make good decisions.  Desperation led me and most likely this young doc into extended litigation that cost more money than I care to admit.  But, I can tell you that the emotional toll on myself and my husband was a much higher price.

Times are tough – I get it.  But that doesn’t mean you are forced to make bad decisions.  There are better alternatives out there.  I realize you may not get everything you want.  You might not get to practice in the city you’ve always dreamed of, or you might not be paid the salary you thought you would.  But, you have the greatest gift imaginable – women’s intuition.  Listen to that inner voice and crush desperation.  You will make better choices in the long run.

Don't make a mistake that will cause you pain later

Don’t make a mistake that will cause you pain later

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