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What Every New Mom Should Know

It seems to be baby season in Arizona as I’ve attended quite a few showers in recent months. Ten years ago these were common events on my agenda, but as time has passed these gatherings are being replaced with birthday parties, recitals and graduations.  Wisdom supposedly comes with my increased age and child rearing experience.  I feel like my “wisdom” is giving me and a much different view of... read more

Try Not to Fast Pass Through Life

Most parents admit that the yearly birthday party for kids can be a real hassle.  I see the value in making your child feel important, but these parties get to be pretty expensive and overwhelming year after year.  Maybe I’m just mean or my kids are just really spoiled, but they don’t need a huge party.  Plus, they just don’t need tons of presents.  Our house is already full of toys and... read more

The Journey to Gifted

  Becoming an orthodontist requires 11 years of university work after high school.  This exposes you to people from all walks of life, and they’re all “smart”.  But, there is a difference between someone who is intelligent and someone who is highly gifted.  After being surrounded by these people for a long period of time, it becomes fairly easy to differentiate between the two.  Because of... read more

I Tried the Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse

I’ve been feeling really tired for about a month.  It’s not just sleep deprivation.  It’s complete mental and physical exhaustion.  This overwhelming feeling was obviously quite apparent as everyone kept telling me how tired I looked.  I also had gained a few pounds that stubbornly refused to leave.  Even after keeping up a fairly regular exercise routine, the scale wouldn’t budge.  I felt... read more

What Does the Wedding Say About the Marriage?

    After 11 years of marriage, I don’t really think about my wedding all that much.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful, meaningful and special day.  To be honest, it was pretty much the opposite of what I had imagined as a child and a young adult.  I always dreamed of the church wedding with a large, formal reception in a beautiful venue in Phoenix.  The event I just described could... read more

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