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How Much Is Your Time Worth?

I grew up with the impression that I could have it all – a career, kids, marriage and a smoothly running household.  It was the 80s and women were still fighting for equality, especially in the workplace.  It’s a battle we continue to struggle with today.  Back then, we were trying to prove that we could have those high powered corporate jobs and that having a family wouldn’t “hold us back”. ... read more

7 Simple Ways to Become a Thoughtful Person

I’ve always been in awe of thoughtful people.  We all know those people that remember important milestones in your life or give you a meaningful gift for no reason.  They hold a special place in my heart and those little things can mean so much.  I just assumed this was some sort of intrinsic characteristic people possess, but the other day it occurred to me that you can plan to be thoughtful. ... read more

Sharing the Pain of Miscarriage

Next month will mark the ten year anniversary of losing my first pregnancy.  I was only 6-8 weeks along, but it forever changed me.  People say that a large percentage of women have this experience, but nobody really talks about it.  What makes us suffer in silence?  Is it shame?  Or, is the subject just too uncomfortable to confront? It took me a couple of years, but I made a conscious decision to... read more

It’s Hard to Be a Swim Mom

My daughter is a swimmer, so does that make me a swim mom?  I have pretty conflicted feelings about that label.  While some mother’s embrace it, you won’t catch me wearing a blinged out shirt with swim mom displayed on my chest.  The recent Proctor and Gamble commercial playing for the Olympics has made me reflective of my role in my daughters swimming.  Will she win the big race and run over to me... read more

Skincare in Your 30s – A Complicated Process

My skin and I have had a pretty complicated relationship over the years.  In my early teens, I considered myself one of the lucky ones when it came to my complexion.  I had some pimples, but they were manageable with the over the counter stuff I could get at the drugstore.  I hit full blown acne a couple years later and my mother finally felt compelled to take me to the dermatologist.  I was placed on... read more

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