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I may be late to the game here, but I maintained a single email address for all my communications for many years after I opened my practice.  I thought it made my life simple and clean by organizing my emails into various folders in a single account.  My husband had various accounts, and they just seemed like too much to keep track of.  This changed for me when our children required their own email addresses.  My husband didn’t want to give them a generic account and wanted a little more control over screening what they were sending and receiving.  So, he created a family domain and assigned emails through that (I don’t know how.  I don’t know the details, so don’t ask me).  He automatically assigned me a new email under the family domain.  Instantly, I had two email accounts whether I liked it or not.  After swearing that I would never use it, I reevaluated the situation and took it as an opportunity to reorganize my online life.  It’s been a fantastic change and has saved me quite a bit of time.  Here’s what I do now.

1. Personal account

This is my most guarded account.  I am very hesitant to give anyone this address.  This account is for family and close friends only.  If there is a message pending in this account, you know I will read it.  Because there is only important information coming to this account, it is not super active.  I may not get any messages on it all day, but when something pops up it gets my immediate attention.

2. Work account

This is pretty self-explanatory.  Anything work related goes here.  I am more open with this account and it is given to dentists and patients who want to contact me.  This email is second on my list when it comes to urgency.  If there is a message, I will get to it in a day or two.

3. Spam account

This is my favorite account, because it gave me the freedom to share my email address with anyone.  These days you need to provide an email for everything.  I do a lot of online shopping and they need to send receipts and shipping information.  But then you know you will get all their sales and specials sent to you forever.  I even have my organized dentistry emails here (sorry AAO – you have my spam account).  Although they may send emails that have some importance, they also seem to share our emails with vendors.  I don’t want the vendor emails, so AAO is spam.  Anyways, when I see messages in this account, I know that 99% of them aren’t important and I only check it once a day to clear it out.

Some may read this and think it’s overkill considering every email has areas with folders and filters for sorting this stuff.  Multiple accounts are easier for me because I can look at my phone to see if there is an important message based on the account it is in.  If my personal account has zero messages and my spam has 31, I can be assured that there is nothing urgent and I can move on with life without opening anything.  I welcome your comments, but be forewarned, they may go to my spam account!

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