I Tried the Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse

I Tried the Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse. Here are the groceries needed!

I’ve been feeling really tired for about a month.  It’s not just sleep deprivation.  It’s complete mental and physical exhaustion.  This overwhelming feeling was obviously quite apparent as everyone kept telling me how tired I looked.  I also had gained a few pounds that stubbornly refused to leave.  Even after keeping up a fairly regular exercise routine, the scale wouldn’t budge.  I felt frustrated and helpless.  One day I was trying to get some work done at home and had “The Dr. Oz Show” on in the background.  He was talking about hormone imbalance and weight loss.  I was only half paying attention when he presented a three day detox cleanse to reset your body.  I’ve never been a believer in cleansing.  I couldn’t see the benefit of sustaining on lemonade and cayenne pepper and clearing out your colon of all the healthy bacteria.  Dr. Oz mirrored my sentiments on cleansing and so I began to listen.  This “cleanse” consisted of 4 very healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies with some type of fat to make you feel satisfied.  He claimed that there were three benefits to this cleanse: eliminate toxins, replenish nutrients, and reset your body.  I was willing to try anything to feel better, so I printed it out and pledged to try it over the Thanksgiving weekend.  My husband reluctantly agreed to participate with me.  Here is the link with the specifics of the cleanse:

Day 1:  Eliminate toxins

I weighed myself and had mixed feelings.  I hadn’t gained any weight from the holiday, but the number was still a high for me.  I noted it as my starting point and headed to the kitchen.  I made my detox tea (a mixture of green tea, lemon and stevia) and enjoyed sipping it while relaxing on the couch.  It seemed to provide enough caffeine to get me through the morning, so I was happy.  My husband put together the breakfast drink – a concoction of raspberries, flax seeds, spinach, almond butter, lemon and banana.  It was pretty good and I was feeling energized.

By 10:00, I had probably peed more than I had in a week and was starting to feel hungry.  I was able to keep my mind busy by hitting some stores for black Friday, but rushed my shopping to get home for my next “meal”.  The lunch drink was not good.  It contained a lot of celery and kale and was really thick.  It took me a long time to finish one glass and felt bloated at the end.  There was so much left over that we decided this would be our snack later in the day.  It wasn’t long before I felt hungry and tried to drink more of the lunch drink.  I kept hoping the dinner drink would be better.  Matt wasn’t sure he was going to make it.  We were both tired and hungry.  He searched the web and started to read websites that called Dr. Oz a snake oil salesman and started trying to justify why he should quit.  I was dreading preparing any food for the kids, and just hoped they wanted cereal for dinner.

The dinner drink looked like vomit.  Fortunately, the high fruit content made it pretty tasty and the cayenne gave it a little kick.  After drinking it all, both of us felt like we were going to make it through the night.  We both missed chewing food.  I looked at all the food commercials on TV longingly.  I took my detox bath containing Epson salt and lavender and went to bed.

Day 2: Replenish Nutrients

I was happy to see that I had lost 2 ½ pounds and Matt had lost 3 ½.  This was pretty good considering our colons hadn’t been a part of the cleansing thus far.  Breakfast went well again and we were both feeling good.  Once again, by 10:00 both of us were starving, weak, tired and irritable.  We were especially short with the kids.  I adjusted the lunch drink to make it a bit more appetizing.  I added a little more pineapple and decreased the celery content.  It was better than before, but still not enjoyable.  I felt hungry again pretty quickly.  I had no energy to do anything and Matt had a headache.  We made the dinner drink early and then used the short amount of energy we had to set up the Christmas tree.  After the kids went to bed, we talked about the cleanse.  We were both miserable.  Our kids were not having a good weekend.  We needed to eat something tomorrow.  I again took my bath and went to bed looking forward to having a meal.

Day 3: Reset your body

I weighed in one pound less and Matt lost 1 ½.  We continued the normal routine of detox tea and breakfast smoothies.  Once again, we were feeling good.  Not quite as starving as the days prior.  Finally, the cleanse hit my colon. It was a little rough, but I finally didn’t feel bloated.  The thought of having the lunch drink again confirmed my decision to eat something today.  We took the kids to the dine-in movie as a reward for putting up with us for the last two days.  I had two shrimp tacos and Matt had a hamburger.  Both of us felt like we didn’t need to eat as much to be satisfied.  After the movie, I finally had enough energy to get some work done at home and the kids weren’t avoiding us.  We debated on whether to have the dinner shake, but decided to have a normal dinner with the kids and drink the dinner shake for breakfast the next day.  There’s no way I’ll ever have the lunch drink again.

So hopefully this has kicked off some healthier eating for me – even if I didn’t make it the full three days.  Time will tell if I see an increase in energy and any long term weight loss.  I’m using the extra ingredients for healthy snacks – homemade kale chips, celery with almond butter, apple and pineapple slices etc.  I’m going to try the coconut water when I work out.  I am keeping the recipes of the breakfast and dinner shakes for occasional meal replacements.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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8 Responses to “I Tried the Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse”

  1. Marilyn says:

    I could drink only 3 of the smoothies, not 4. Three have about 1200 calories, and that is my limit for the day at 5’4″.

    • Courtney says:

      I tried to do the four, but only made the original three keeping me at the 1200 calories. The lunch drink was so large, I left some of it for my snack. Unfortunately, because I disliked the lunch drink so much, I would sometimes only drink enough to keep me satisfied.

  2. Misty says:

    Dido on the lunch drink. It’s awful. I found this blog searching to see what benefits others experienceced. For lunch I’m going to just eat the veggies. Kale chips sound better than the drink.

  3. Diane says:

    Am on Day 3 and have made some modifications to lunch drink to where it actually tastes pretty good. Used 2 celery stalks (cut in small pieces); 1/2 cucumber (took off peel and also cut in small pieces); 1 cup Kale (cut small); 1/2 green apple; 1/2 lime; 1 cup Almond Milk and 1-1/2 cup pineapple. Didn’t have coconut oil. Don’t see how it can hurt anything and at least it is drinkable.

  4. Deborah says:

    I am on day 3 of the 3-Day Detox Cleanse. Surprisingly, I followed the recipes and drank the smoothies all 3 days. On day 1, I was only able to drink 3 smoothies. I felt too full to drink the snack. I had a slight headache and kept running to the toilet to urinate. It came so fast, I almost didn’t make it a few times. The detox bath was so relaxing, I slept better than I had in a long time. Day 2, I got up feeling energized after what was a really good night’s sleep. I lost 2 lbs. and my blood sugar was much lower than it had been in months. I drank all 4 smoothies, didn’t get hungry, but kept myself busy to avoid thinking of eating food and now following the detox plan. Day 2 ended with another relaxing soak and another good night sleep. Day 3, like day 2, I drank the Green Tea & lemon without the Stevia. and will enjoyed my breakfast smoothie. Surprisingly, I enjoyed my lunch smoothie too, because I used only the green part of the celery and added just a little more pineapple. I also crushed up some ice. I am saving the leftover for my snack.
    My favorite smoothie is Breakfast. I love raspberries and bananas.
    My experience was good. I can’t wait to weigh tomorrow to see if I lost anymore weight. I’m glad that I did this. It’s made a BIG difference in my blood sugar and energy level.
    Thanks Dr. Oz

  5. Sally says:

    I am just finishing day 2 of the detox. I am drinking two cups of green tea in the morn. and another two in the evening when I usually have a couple of cocktails….not quite the same, but I sat with my husband during our happy hour and it really didn’t bother me. I have been making him meals which has been very difficult.(the smell of good food is killing me) I don’t care for the lunch drink but will survive one more day. I am just anxious to see if I lose belly fat and how much weight I lost. (two lbs. the first day) I am hoping to continue to lose more after the detox, as I have gained 40 lbs. do to smoking cessation, and plantar fasciitis, which prevents me from even doing normal daily activities many days. Any suggestions out there?

  6. Barb Hess says:

    Homemade kale chips!! I haven’t tried the Oz cleanse, but I really appreciate the great ideas in your post and the comments. I never had Kale as a child, but we tried it when my daughter was a baby (pureed) … she couldn’t get enough! This morning I had a kale/pineapple/mango smoothie and felt like I was ready for a great day!

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