It’s Hard Being the Boss

It’s hard being the boss.  And I’m going to expand that statement and say, it’s hard to be a female boss.  Before I had my own practice, I would have never thought that was the case.  After working for me for a while, multiple staff members have disclosed that they were very afraid to work for me.  Did I come off that mean at the interview?  The answer is always no. Then they tell me that female dentists are legendary for being horrible and mean bosses.  Really? Are we that different than all other working moms? Apparently, we’ve got that reputation out there ladies!  Sure, there are probably some really horrible female bosses out there, but I guarantee there are a lot of horrible dictators out there who have external plumbing.  I heard of a male dentist getting into an argument with a staff member and then locking her in a room for a couple hours to “cool off”.  Are you kidding me?  I’m no lawyer, but isn’t that imprisonment and kidnapping?  I’ve never heard of a woman doing that.  Most of our staff is female. Does that affect how they perceive what you say and do in managing the office?  Is it the age old problem of assertive women being perceived as a “bitch”? I don’t know.  Of course, my staff says that I’m great and they had nothing to fear.  Just wait…..hahaha

3 Responses to “It’s Hard Being the Boss”

  1. Erika says:

    Yup. Always the big B. Don’t forget the ones that don’t want to work for you because of all the crazy husband wife dental teams too! Obviously it’s impossible to be professional and not bring all your personal stuf to work, right?!? 😉 Kurt and I still hold hands while anesthetizing our patients…HA! NOT!

    • Courtneyadunn says:

      I know you guys are always making out at work! LOL Matt and I were told we would never be accepted to orthodontic residency together because nobody would want a married couple in the same class. I think they were afraid of the two extremes – either overly affectionate or fighting all the time. So, we had to alternate going to ortho school. Such a pain, because we would have been totally fine together. It’s worked out this long 😉

  2. Cláudia says:

    If you write more posts like this, I will be definitely following them.

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