My Wishes For You Over Your 10 Decades of Life

Courtney and her mom at the 60th birthday party


As my mother turns 60 this week, I was thinking about how fast time goes by.  Many people have written articles on what people would change about their lives, but I instead decided to write about my hopes and dreams for my kids.  So here are my wishes for them over the decades…

10 years old

I hope you don’t grow up too fast.  You have the rest of your life to be older and sophisticated.   I hope you savor your innocence.  Continue chasing butterflies and dancing for no reason.  This is the time to play often and sing loudly, so take advantage.   I hope you aren’t too serious or worried.  I hope you don’t let your friends tell you who you should be.  You will discover who you are and you need to stay true to yourself and what you believe.   I hope you develop a love for reading and a thirst for knowledge.  I hope you are surrounded by diversity and you embrace differences in others.

20 years old

I hope you maintain your confidence.  There may be people out there who try to make you feel less than, and you shouldn’t let them.   I hope you develop friendships that you will maintain for the rest of your life.  These people can be amazing support, because they will know you so well.  I hope your studies are stimulating and that you are excited about your future.  I hope when you make mistakes, you learn valuable lessons and you recover quickly.  Mistakes are amazing opportunities to learn as you develop your independence.  I hope you travel often and visit many different places.  I hope those experiences give you a feeling of responsibility to preserve our earth and to see yourself as a citizen of the world.

30 years old

I hope you find an amazing, incredibly supportive and loving partner.  I hope your family is happy and healthy.   I hope your home is filled with love and pure joy.  I hope you are passionate about your career, and that you look forward to going to work.  But, I hope you don’t let work take over your life.  Your children need your presence.  You have invaluable lessons about life, love and commitment that they need to learn from you.  Your active involvement in their lives will build them a foundation for the rest of their life.  They will be better people because you were there.

40 years old

I hope you find some time for yourself.  You can’t sacrifice your physical and mental health for everyone else.  I hope you are staying active and eating well.  These are the years where bad habits can catch up with you.  I hope your kids still tell you their secrets.  Your relationship with them may have changed, but they need you even more as they get older.  I hope you have a close circle of friends to lean on when times get tough.  And when times do get tough, I hope you have the strength and perseverance to push through instead of letting it defeat you.

50 years old

I hope you are happy with your life now that the kids are gone or leaving soon.   I hope you have found purpose in your life, beyond your career.  I hope you are giving your time to make a difference in the world.  I hope that you are witnessing amazing accomplishments from your children, and that you know that your sacrifices contributed to their success.

60 years old

I hope you are still travelling and discovering new things in the world.   I hope you are happy with what you do every day and the relationships that are important to you.  I hope you witness the birth of at least one grandchild.  A whole new world will open up to you at that moment, and love that you never thought was possible will flow through your body.   I hope you have taken care of your knees, so you can still hike the mountains and run long distances whenever you want.  I hope you still have faith in God when you lose a close friend.

70 years old

I hope your family is growing and your grandchildren are bringing you unbelievable joy.  They are amazing people who want to know you and spend time with you.  Get to know them, because their unconditional love will teach you lessons as well.  I hope you exercise every day and can keep up with those who are much younger.  I hope you are taking such good care of yourself that people are stunned when you tell them your age.  I hope there is no such thing as cancer anymore.

80 years old

I hope you are still sharp, spunky and independent.  I hope your grandchildren find you on the roof of your home, fixing broken shingles because it needs to be done.  I hope you can still balance your checkbook in your head.  I hope you haven’t experienced the loss of a child.  I hope you are considered a valued member of the community.  I hope you are writing down your memories, so your experiences can be shared forever.

90 years old

I hope you are still discovering new adventures to tackle.  I hope the changes in the world are astonishing and you get to experience all they have to offer.  I hope you find a different activity every day that makes you happy and fulfilled.  I hope you and your children spend time getting to know each other as adults and become friends.  I hope that you haven’t lost your partner.  But if you have, I hope you find romantic love again.

100 years old

I hope that you have an amazing extended family.  I hope your relationships with your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren are still incredibly close.  I hope they cherish you and that they visit you often.  And even though you may not remember everything clearly in these late years, I hope you never forget how much your mom loves you and how special you are to me.

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