Quitting Your Job in the 21st Century

With the evolution of technology, everything is changing at the speed of light.  As I raise my children, I am trying to teach them proper manners and protocol for life despite these technological changes.  All of my kids have personalized stationary where they are learning to write thank you notes.  They are learning to regularly use please and thank you and to look people in the eye when they are speaking to them.  We have video games, but try to limit how long they are played.  Don’t get me wrong, we are far from perfect.  The TV is on at the house more than it should be, and my kids become zombies for hours until I turn it off.  But, in the long run, our goal is to make sure that our kids are raised knowing how to properly communicate.

A perfect example of why we are going to all this effort happened to us Friday night.  We hired a new assistant to work in one of our offices.  On paper, she seemed like the perfect candidate.  She had five years of experience and worked for the same doctor the entire time.  She was ready for a change – at least that’s what she stated in her interview.  She felt like she needed to give two weeks notice to her current boss before starting with us (exactly what we would want our kids to do).  Her boss begged her to stay, but after two weeks she started in our office.

The first day was bumpy, but that is always expected.  Things were different in our office, the computers, the brackets, the mechanics, the wires, the hours, the patients, everything!  All of the assistants tried to help her acclimate.  Everyone was very patient, and there was no pressure to perform perfectly.  She really was welcomed with open arms by each and every member of the staff.  After four days of work, Matt receives a text message on a Friday night.

“I hate to do this to you, but things are not what I thought they would be.  I’m going back to Dr. X.  Thank you for the opportunity.  I am so sorry!”

That’s right – this was a text message.  It brings back memories of that episode of “Sex and the City” where Berger breaks up with Carrie with a post-it!  Are we so disconnected with people now that we can’t face them, even when the conversation is difficult?  Do we even care about leaving on good terms or do we choose what’s easy?  Unfortunately, I got the answer on Friday night.  Just because technology makes it easy, it doesn’t make it right.  And now I have a new lesson to teach the kids.

How to Quit Your Job in the 21st Century

1.  Meet the boss face to face and tell her you are leaving.

I don’t care how hard it is, you must face up to your responsibilities.  If you don’t feel comfortable being alone with the boss, you may bring a coworker in as a witness.

2.  Don’t burn bridges.

We’ve all had those fantasies of telling off the boss and storming out of the office in a blaze of glory.  A couple years ago, didn’t most of us secretly cheer on that flight attendant who quit, grabbed a beer from the minibar and escaped via the inflatable slide?  The reality is that you never know when you are going to need something from that previous employer.  If you leave on the most positive note possible, it may pay off later in life.

3.  Give some notice

If you can, give two weeks notice.  Don’t leave your employer in a pinch.  They may not take you up on it, but at least offer to stay.  It once again shows that you are willing to live up to your responsibilities.

4.  Return all uniforms in good shape and don’t steal anything.

Your boss isn’t the only one you are leaving.  You are also leaving your co-workers and they will not remember you fondly if you stole the stapler and a couple of reams of paper they needed on Monday.  If you don’t return your uniforms, or return them in bad shape, it is a sign of disrespect.  This leaves a lasting impression of irresponsibility and dishonesty.

5.  Don’t badmouth your previous boss at your new job (or job interview)

You may be working with his son’s best friend and not even know it.  What you say may end up travelling further than you think and it will only reflect badly on you.  It makes you seem immature and bitter.

6.  Take the lessons learned from your previous job and move forward as a wiser human being.

Gone are the days of staying in one job your entire life.  Nowadays, it’s common to completely change careers more than once.  Hopefully, these words of advice will help my children in their future.

Did I leave anything out?  What are your experiences with this?


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