I Tried the Dr. Oz Three Day Detox Cleanse

I’ve been feeling really tired for about a month.  It’s not just sleep deprivation.  It’s complete mental and physical exhaustion.  This overwhelming feeling was obviously quite apparent as everyone kept telling me how tired I looked.  I also had gained a few pounds that stubbornly refused to leave.  Even after keeping up a fairly regular exercise routine, the scale wouldn’t budge.  I felt... read more

Hey Dr. Oz – You’re Annoying Me!

  Thyroid problems are becoming more and more prevalent these days.  With that in mind, Dr. Oz decided he was going to address this issue in a show that aired a while back.  My husband and I had the program on in the background, but it immediately grabbed our attention when the subject of dentistry was brought into the discussion.  He mentioned was that you need to wear a thyroid collar when having... read more