Why I Love to Swim

  As an Arizona native, a great deal of my formative years were spent in the pool.  My early photo albums have multiple pages devoted to me in the water sans any swimsuit or diaper, where I am splashing, floating and having a good time.  Competitive swimming started on city summer swim teams when I was 4 or 5 years old and progressively became more serious until I entered college.  With all those... read more

My Swim Meet

  After months of training, I needed to face the true test of my swimming fitness – a swim meet.  Of course my timing wasn’t quite right as the first meet available was the Arizona Masters State Championship, but there were no qualifying times so I grabbed an entry sheet.  This was a pretty nerve racking experience for me.  I was even nervous picking out my events.  I’m lucky to have a... read more

It’s Hard to Be a Swim Mom

My daughter is a swimmer, so does that make me a swim mom?  I have pretty conflicted feelings about that label.  While some mother’s embrace it, you won’t catch me wearing a blinged out shirt with swim mom displayed on my chest.  The recent Proctor and Gamble commercial playing for the Olympics has made me reflective of my role in my daughters swimming.  Will she win the big race and run over to me... read more

The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge: Don’t Swim Alone!

I highly recommend swimming with people.  Swimming alone is boring, plain and simple.  Even if you don’t have a coach, it’s always better to swim with others.  My reasoning is twofold.  You have the camaraderie and you have people to push you.  I’m a pretty competitive person, so if someone next to me is always finishing first it pushes me to improve.  It’s also pretty nice to have people to... read more

Another Milestone For All of Us

  It’s been a crazy couple of days in our household.  The hectic pace has been good, because I didn’t have to think about what was going to happen today.  After all the craziness died down, I’m now sitting on the couch and my oldest child is off to camp in another state. It seemed like such an easy proposition when I was flipping through the pages of a swimming magazine and noticed the... read more

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