Who’s Taking Care of the Kids?

I had my first child when I was still in my orthodontic residency.  I was only able to take 2 weeks off to recover and then it was back to school.  I know that it’s technically not legal to require someone to come back so quickly, but I chose to suffer early instead of repeating a year of school.   I was very lucky that my mom was able to stay with us for the first 6 weeks and help us out. ... read more

It’s Hard Being the Boss

It’s hard being the boss.  And I’m going to expand that statement and say, it’s hard to be a female boss.  Before I had my own practice, I would have never thought that was the case.  After working for me for a while, multiple staff members have disclosed that they were very afraid to work for me.  Did I come off that mean at the interview?  The answer is always no. Then they tell me that... read more

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