The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge: Don’t Swim Alone!

It’s more fun to swim with others

I highly recommend swimming with people.  Swimming alone is boring, plain and simple.  Even if you don’t have a coach, it’s always better to swim with others.  My reasoning is twofold.  You have the camaraderie and you have people to push you.  I’m a pretty competitive person, so if someone next to me is always finishing first it pushes me to improve.  It’s also pretty nice to have people to encourage you and to complain with when things get hard.  You can chat with people during kick sets.

I am meeting a lot of interesting people during my swim workouts.  I would say the age range is 20-90, which is pretty cool.  There are people who are swimming for exercise, Olympic trail qualifiers and everything in between.  People are more than willing to offer up their stories and are genuinely interested in yours as well.  I think those human connections are so important for your spirit.  Interacting with so many people reminds me of the wonderful blessings in my life even when things aren’t going my way.

If you do choose to swim alone, you can now swim with music.  There are many waterproof MP3 players out there that can keep you entertained while you are staring at that line on the bottom of the pool.  I have tried two: the Finis SwiMP3 and the WaterFi.  I know people who swear by the SwiMP3.  You attach the components to your goggles and the music is supposed to be transmitted through your skull.  One advantage is that you don’t have to deal with the pods coming out of your ears.  I still found it to be awkward and the volume was low.  I became easily frustrated and ended up giving it away.  My brother also was not a fan.

The WaterFi is an iPod shuffle that is waterproofed.  It’s really nice to have a product that I’m already familiar with and can synch with my iTunes easily.  The care of this product is very specific (there is one switch you can only use once).  The sound is really good and overall I’m pretty happy using it during my solo workouts.  Every once in a while I do have to adjust the earphones.  There is another company out there that claims to have another iPod that is waterproofed and doesn’t require as much care.  I look forward to trying it out.  But for now, I recommend the WaterFi.  You can find it on my recommended products page.

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