The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge: Swimming

Here’s Courtney attempting to workout in the pool!


I have to start this fitness adventure with a disclaimer – I used to be a swimmer.   My parents started me on city rec teams when I was 4 or 5 and I swam on and off through high school.  I went to a couple college practices and decided I was done with the sport.  I didn’t really get into the pool again until this year.  I was swimming twice a week with the Master’s team at the Phoenix Swim Club, but had to take a break due to a surgery.  I started back on Sunday.

Equipment needed:  Cap, goggles, fins, paddles, kickboard, and pull buoy.  A lot of swim clubs have equipment you can borrow, so not much of an initial investment is needed.  You will also need a swimsuit.  This is not a fashion show, so get a suit that’s going to hold everything in.  If you try to do this in a string bikini, you’ll look awesome before practice, but you could end up naked.

Swimming is a technique based sport.   It’s really interesting, because you can look at someone and have no idea what kind of swimmer they are.  Brute strength will not help you here.  I’ve seen really buff, muscular men look like they are sinking in the water.  It’s also really humbling to be swimming in the same lane with an older guy with his gut hanging over his Speedo who can lap you.  That’s how much technique matters and some people also just have a feel for the water.  It shouldn’t be intimidating.  Technique can be learned and this is a lifelong sport with very little injury (especially compared to running).

There are two types of swimming out there, lap and open water.  I’m going to start with lap swimming this month, but open water is coming soon!

2 Responses to “The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge: Swimming”

  1. Kelly says:

    I swam in high school and loved it. 4 kids later I thought it would be great exercise and went back to it….for a day. I was in really good shape in high school, now not so much. After a half hour of swimming I was exhausted.

    • Courtneyadunn says:

      It’s really amazing how tired you can get in the pool. It works so many muscles. After a long workout, I usually need a nap!

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