The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge

Courtney, Matt and her friends at the finish of a half marathon

I’m just a normal mom.  I find it really hard to juggle work, kids and my personal health.  Some days I don’t even get the chance to shower, let alone get a good workout.  Being busy is something that has always defined my life.  I was involved in sports in high school and stayed active in college.  Things went downhill when I started dental school.  The academic load, the research combined with the leadership activities left no room for exercise.  To top it off, I was in Michigan and it was really cold for this Arizona girl.

After my orthodontic residency and two pregnancies, we moved back to sunny Arizona and I thought it was time to get back in shape.  I began running and really liked it.  I completed my first 5K race and then my first half marathon.  I was hooked.  My only break was a few weeks after my son was born.  Running gave me a chance to set goals.  The support of the running community was tremendous and I was skinny!

I was training for my third full marathon when it happened – injury.  Stress fractures in both tibias.  I had to take one year off from running.  I struggled to stay in shape, trying multiple types of exercise but never really finding anything I loved.  Weight started to add on, clothes were getting tighter and things started jiggling where there was no jiggle before.  All those hours hitting the pavement in the excruciating sun, the wind, the rain, the dark was lost.  I could have become a gluten free, sugar free, raw vegan to slim down, but I like to eat.  Exercise is the only answer.

So, I’ve decided to start a new chapter in my life.  I’m going to really try everything that is out there.  I’m going to review it from the mom perspective.   We don’t have all day to work out and we don’t have all the money in the world for fitness equipment.  I have an initial list of activities, but am open to suggestions if you have them.  I’ll update this blog regularly with great detail, so you will know what hurts and what works.  I’m excited for you to join this adventure with me.

6 Responses to “The MommyDDS Fitness Challenge”

  1. Laura says:

    You should try the masters and/or free swim practice time at Phoenix swim club

  2. Lisa says:

    I would love a good kick in the butt and a fitness budy. Are you interested in partnering up?

  3. johnnymattoos says:

    do you have a fb fanpage

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