Why I Love to Swim


As an Arizona native, a great deal of my formative years were spent in the pool.  My early photo albums have multiple pages devoted to me in the water sans any swimsuit or diaper, where I am splashing, floating and having a good time.  Competitive swimming started on city summer swim teams when I was 4 or 5 years old and progressively became more serious until I entered college.  With all those years spent in different pools, it’s no wonder the water feels like home to me.

There is nothing like the feeling of pushing off the wall on my back in the streamline position.  The water wraps around me while bubbles tickle my face and there is peace.  At night, you can just make out the silhouette of the moon in the dark sky through the top of the water.  During the day, the droplets of water coming off your fingertips glisten in the sun like little diamonds.  Above the surface, there is the noise and activity of the world all around.  Underneath, there is quiet and weightlessness.  Some people claim that swimming is boring. They think all you can do is stare at the black line at the bottom of the pool, while you move across the water.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  Swimming gives you moments where you are truly alone with your thoughts.  I’ve always done my best thinking while gliding through the water.  You can’t check your email, answer the phone, or take care of the kids.  This is the thing all young mothers need – uninterrupted time.

100 Backstroke - my daughter's favorite event

Nobody can bother me here

In addition to the mental health benefits, swimming is unbelievable exercise.  This is one of the few sports that works almost every muscle in your body at the same time.  It strengthens and tones arms, legs and abs.  It makes your heart beat and increases lung capacity like nothing else.  It’s exhausting and after a couple hours in the pool, it’s common to need a nap.


Nothing cuter than 3 kids getting ready to race!

Nothing cuter than 3 kids getting ready to race!


One of the greatest gifts of this sport is passing on the love of water to my children.  It is such a blessing to watch them develop a passion for swimming.  My girls are now training in the facility where I spent most of my high school years.  They are using the same pools, playing the same games, building confidence and making lasting friendships.  Unfortunately, this amazing pool is being sold and more than likely going to be demolished to make room for another subdivision with cookie cutter homes.  It’s a sad situation and there really isn’t anything I can do, but embrace the change and enjoy the moments we have left.  That being said, we are determined to continue to grow stronger and faster, and build memories to last a lifetime.

This pool has produced Olympians and I'm so lucky to swim here!

This pool has produced Olympians and I’m so lucky to swim here!

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